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List all posts in your sites WordPress navigation menu. The standard menu only allows adding a link that leads to a list of posts and pages belonging to a taxonomy (category, tag, etc). If you want to list the posts and pages themselves and if you want WordPress to do this automatically for you, then I hope you will find this plugin useful. You can even add custom post types to your menu! Need a list of the latest WOO products? How about a list of the latest Signups? You can even just make list of latest posts. Standard WordPress post types (post, pages,) are included.
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Disable login by certain users. Useful when you are moving a client site and don't want anyone to make any edits to the WordPress database. This plugin is a good tool to have in your developer arsenal. An advanced maintenance mode tool that will prevent all users (except you, the developer) from logging into the WordPress backend. Your users will see a nice message just below the WordPress logo informing them that you are in the process of fixing their website. Learn More
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True Login with Email plugin for WordPress let’s user’s login in to your site with their email address. Full support for email addresses with special characters like apostrophes. Learn More
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RSS with Images is a simple and easy way to add featured images to your site’s RSS feed with customizable sizing options. Works great with Mailchimp’s RSS-to-Email campaigns, allowing you to be more creative and get the most value from your email newsletters. You can even set the xml encoding of your RSS feed. (the default setting is UTF-8).

Whats new in the premium version?

  • You can choose to use the built in RSS template OR use the default WordPress template!
  • No image size restrictions!
  • Simple, no hassle upgrade!
  • Image resizing built in!
  • Validate your RSS feed from the plugin settings page!
  • 1 year of upgrades and support!
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