Posts in Menu Pro

List all posts in your sites WordPress navigation menu.

The standard menu only allows adding a link that leads to a list of posts and pages belonging to a taxonomy (category, tag, etc). If you want to list the posts and pages themselves and if you want WordPress to do this automatically for you, then I hope you will find this plugin useful.

Also works for custom post types!

This plugin uses the wp_nav_menu_objects filter hook to add post items in the primary menu.

Whats new in the pro version?

  • Choose between all of your themes menus!
  • Choose the post type you want to display!
  • Change the main menu link title! The free version default is “Blog”.
  • Set the order of the menu items! You can change where the link title is displayed in the menu.
  • Set the number of posts to display in the menu!
  • 1 year of upgrades and support!

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