A project site to host all of my code snippets! I like to think of it as kind of like my own sharable github. A place where I can share all of the things I’ve learned over my career in web development. VISIT THE SITE


Animated Login

Animated Login allows you to replace the standard WordPress logo with a custom image or logo, link it to the homepage, and pair it with a fun CSS3 animation. The plugin attempts to center the logo and with a little bit of CSS magic, keeps the image inside of the containing h1 anchor element. Your[…]


Alma de Hierro Kennel

Alma de Hierro is an AKC registered dog kennel specializing in breeding boxer puppies. The Kennel operates in the Lafayette Indiana area and now has a custom theme design for WordPress. Built with WordPress using a custom design by ENDif Media. visit the site


Jackson Oil & Solvents

Jackson Oil & Solvents, Inc. is one of the leading oil, fuel and lubricant distributors in Indiana. Based out of Indianapolis, Jackson Oil Company was founded in 1935. Joe and Ramona Carter purchased Jackson Oil Co. on September 15,1976. Built with WordPress, Bootstrap, and jQuery. visit the website


RSS with Images

Does your company use an email marketing provider like Mailchimp to send RSS feeds? Do you want to add images to those feeds? Do you think it would it be wicked awesome if you could easily control the size of the images that are sent in the feed? If you answered yes to any of[…]