New Plugin – Disable Login

I put this plugin together after migrating many client sites from one host to another. I found that I needed a way to lock the sites to prevent client access, but still allow the general public to use it. Disable Login was born. Its a great tool to keep in your developer arsenal.

From the WordPress repository
“This plugin is a good tool to have in your developer arsenal. An advanced maintenance mode tool that will prevent all users (except you, the developer) from logging into the WordPress backend. Your users will see a nice message just below the WordPress logo informing them that you are in the process of fixing their website.”

Installation instructions:
Something new I’ve been adding to my plugin instructions, the WP-CLI command for installation. Who doesn’t love WP-CLI? Copy this one liner and you are ready to go!

wp plugin install disable-login --activate

Admin Interface:
When you initially install the plugin, you will see a new menu item appear. The closed lock indicates the plugin is active.


The settings page is simple enough. Enable the plugin and choose who is allowed to login. It will only allow one user to login. You will see (you) next to the your current username. *Disclaimer: It is HIGHLY recommended that you choose the account you are logged in as!*


The result, is a nice message on the login screen telling your client you are working on their website at the moment.