the to-do list with a personality.

Have you seen this app? How cool is this. It turns your task list into a fun game. Pretty interesting idea.

First rule – YOU DO NOT WANT TO MAKE CARROT UPSET! Slackers make her upset.(OK, actually, it’s kinda fun to piss her off – but don’t make it a habit or anything.)

CARROT is a simplistically designed to-do list that’s also a virtual pet. The goal is to the keep sadistic robot happy by getting things done in real life. If you do well she’ll reward you.

CARROT has a story to tell – and it’s different depending on whether you’re on her good or bad side.
Three chapters have been released so far in this epic, branching story, with more planned for the future.CARROT may start off as a simple to-do list with just a few features, but as you get stuff done in real life and level up in her game, she’ll start to evolve new features.

When you hit level 3 you unlock the ability to rearrange the tasks in your list. At level 13, meanwhile, CARROT will figure out how to talk to you when you’re not using her. And level 15 brings mini-games into the mix. CARROT can integrate with Siri and Apple’s Reminders app when you reach level 24.

The app features unlockable upgrades (mini games, reminders, an ACTUAL kitten).
-30 challenges to complete
-400 unique rewards depending on CARROT’s mood.

$1.99 in the app store

THis app is featured by Apple, USA Today, Mashable, LifeHacker, and more.

The creators of CARROT have released a new CARROT app called CARROT Alarm