KMX Trike Clone – Part 3

It’s all about the frame, ’bout the frame.

Rear Wheel Mounts:


These are made from 2″ wide flatbar. You can get this from your local hardware store, I bought mine from Menards. The measurements for the mounts aren’t “exact” per se. You will have to figure out what is best for the materials you are using. My rear forks are 1.5″ X 3/4″ rectangular tubing, so my mounts are 2″ (the width of the flatbar) by 1.5″ (the height of my forks). I found the center hole (where my rear tire will mount) by measuring 1″ from the side that will mount to the forks and 3/4″ up from the side facing the ground. Draw a line across the mount at both marks. Use a punch to mark the drill spot where the lines intersect.

Axle Bolts

These were some of the more pricey accessories on the Utah Trikes website. I figured I could just make them and save a few bucks. When the parts came in, I realized why they were so pricey.. The axle is a thick rod that has been machined down to a smaller thread size.

At the hardware store, I stumbled across a bin labeled “axle bolts”. I grabbed two of these and some larger standard bolts that “just fit” through the center of the rims. You probably want as much non-threaded axle bolt as possible for the center of the bolt inside the rim.

These should be 4.5″ long. This will leave just enough thread without sticking out too much on either side of the wheel.


Installing the left wheel.

KMX Frame Clone


See KMX Trike Clone – Part 1 for build plans. The body is made up of a main bar (26″ long), pedal mount tube (9″), two steering mounts, and rear forks (15″ long each).

The adjustments I made:

  • front tube 19″ [instead of 14.5″]
  • body frame 35″ [instead of 26″]
  • pedal mount tube 11″ [instead of 9″]
  • rear shock (maybe later..) **the cushion of the KMX seat may be enough

Some notes on my first ride.

Steering shimmy is super noticeable! I may try and put some rubber washers in the head tubes to dampen the steering. I am using a 26″ rear tire with older steel steering hardware. There is talk in some recumbent forums suggesting a 26″ rear tire is the culprit. The 35″ main bar is a bit too long (even for 6′ 2″). There is about 7″ of unused frame in front of the seat. Because of the extra long body, the pedal boom is nearly pushed in all the way and my heels hit the front axle bar from time to time. I may end up shortening the frame a few inches. Overall the build was fun and the finished product is better than expected. I turned a pile of unused steel in my garage into a nice trike. Total cost was roughly $650 compared to $1100 for a new KMX Tornado trike. Costs aside, where’s the fun in buying a new trike?