KMX Trike Clone – Part 2

Parts came in! I bought the KMX seat, seat mounting hardware, both front wheels, wheel mounting hardware, front steering spindles, and disc brake set. I have all of the other parts to finish assembling the trike. Next up, frame!


If I would have known about these rims when I was building my Warrior trike I would have bought them straight away. They are super light weight. I ended up using 20″ rims from a youth boy’s bike. They work OK,  but they are heavy and a little bent (found them next to a trash bin).

A bit of History

This whole thing got started a couple of years ago when I bought the Warrior tike plans from Atomic Zombie (that guy knows his bike stuffs). I took some shortcuts it the build plans because I didn’t want to spend anymore time building. I wanted to ride the thing. Mainly, I have issues with the front wheels. The plans suggest re-spoking a larger hub into the rims and adding a larger bolt for the axle. I just strapped on 20″ BMX rims and started riding. After a while, I noticed the front wheels started to pull to one side. Turns out one of the axle bolts had bent. There are a few other issues with the steering. I didn’t “eyeball” the tire angle well enough. I’m ready for a new trike with better parts.  I plan on giving the Warrior to my son (he is much lighter than me)