KMX Trike Clone – Part 1

I’m planning to build a KMX trike clone. I scoured the web looking for ANYTHING on the standard (steel) KMX trike frame. Pictures, Youtube Videos, blog sites, you name it. I wanted to build my own version of the KMX frame, and alter the width, length and maybe add a shock absorber to the rear of the frame. Utah Trikes offers a great introductory frame kit for the do-it-yourselfer like me. The package comes with a KMX Steel Frame, all steering parts XL boom w/ derailleur post, idler and chain tube assembly, 20-inch front wheels with double-wall rims, and all frame hardware. Priced at $899 (plus shipping), it’s not a bad deal.  I want a slightly wider frame and a rear shock. Who wants to spend money on a great product, then hack it up for their own purposes? Not me,  not this time,  so I bought a ton of parts from Utah Trikes ($600 and change). Essentially, all the parts I didn’t want to build. Plus, I may eventually want to upgrade to KMX aluminum frame at some point and give my son the frame I made.


I found this simple drawing online which got me excited enough to try my idea. All of the main angles are on the drawing. If you own a Compound Miter Saw, like me, the first few steps are a breeze.


Unclear in the Drawing

15 inch fork arms with 30 degree angle cuts on end meeting the rear tire.

The fork top angles (where the arm meets the brace bar attached to frame body) need to be cut at a 42 degree angle. Inside measurements should be 5 1/2″ apart at the end and 3″ at the base. Take your time and get this portion as close as possible.