Jetpack is missing portfolio custom post types

I found a fantastic free theme called Eighties created by Justin Kopepasah which has some cool features, that, up until now, I couldn’t use properly. Eighties is offering support for a common portfolio custom post type: the one on and the one coming soon to Jetpack 3.1. Jetpack has implemented common portfolio custom post type support for the sites that reside on but what about the guys in the self-hosted space? It would be great if I could use the functionality that my theme already supports.

I took the liberty of building a plugin that does just that, add Jetpackā€™s common portfolio custom post type to the WordPress backend. You can download it by clicking the cloud at the bottom of this post. Once installed, you should immediately be able to use the Portfolio add-ons (so long as your theme supports it). Whats more, when Jetpack DOES officially support the Portfolio CPTs, you can just deactivate the plugin and go about your day. The post-types will still be saved to your database and Jetpack should still recognize them.

[download link=”/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/” title=”Download Add Jetpack Post-Type!” img=”cloud” size=”4x”] Download Add Jetpack Post-Type!