Google Chrome redirecting localhost to https

I ran into an issue recently with my development sites stored on my computer inside MAMP. I rebooted my computer for the first time in a month (don’t judge, you do it too!). I started to continue work on a new WordPress plugin that’s been in the making for a few weeks when I noticed my go-to test site wasn’t loading in my browser. Turns out, Chrome was redirecting all of my local sites (from http) to SSL (https), wtf? I use alias’s to point to folders inside of MAMP locally, I have been working this way for a number of years on various projects. Basically, you edit the ~/etc/hosts file (on mac) and point to a local domain name ( The problem here is the .dev extension.. If you have Chrome 63+ (which must’ve been installed during the recent reboot..) and your localhost domain ends in .dev, Chrome will force the .dev domain to HTTPS via a preloaded HSTS. What this means is, .dev basically won’t work at all anymore unless you have proper signed SSL certificate — no more self signed certificates allowed! So to fix this issue now and to avoid this happening again in the future, I had to change 50+ local domains with the .dev extension to the .test extension.. Actually this is way better, because .test is reserved by IETF for testing / dev purposes so this change should future proof these development sites. #win AFTER #PainInTheAss